• I graduated from Rhodes University with a Bachelor of Journalism, majoring in Visual Communication Design and Politics.
  • I was a jack-of-most trades in the community newspaper I worked at before I left for South Korea in August, 2012. At 8am diary meetings I could have either been reporting, taking photographs, or designing the newspaper.
  • I have been freelancing since my third year of University.
  • Some things I love include puns, satire, design for social change, unconventional use of typography, geometry, and movement.
  • I'm proudly from eRhini / Grahamstown, which is in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.
  • I moved to Taipei, Taiwan, to give myself no more excuses not to create. 2016 was the year I launched this website, with the overarching goal of becoming a digital nomad.
  •  I've just finished a User Experience Design course through - the perfect addition to my current skillset.

The longer story

Graduation. Tick. Now, go and adult.

.....WAIT, WHAT?

When I chatted with my Design 4 lecturer after Grad, he candidly remarked that he was glad that I was there. It was simultaneously comforting and unsettling. I just smiled.

Other than a vague plan for a 1-way ticket to South Korea, I didn't know what was "next". I had placated myself with having reams of plans behind backup plans for years, with my ambition and ego at the forefront. Move to Cape Town. Become an art director/media mogul/activist/supherhero . Move to Joburg. Dominate. Lekker.

Things. did not. happen. this. way.

Fork, fork, fok, in the road. My final year of design opened me up to the reality that I had no idea how to channel the Pandora's box I had willingly opened by choosing to be creative - which, at times, is an awkward blood-stone dance. I didn't grow up with a sketchbook in my hand. I certainly didn't "Art".  I changed specialisations from Photojournalism to Visual Communication, and dove in.

By the end of my degree, I was more certain than I had ever been about which direction I needed to take. I decided to travel. To purposefully immerse myself in a society totally different to mine. To confuse myself, and hopefully, in the process, use that to make some sense of the unlearning that had already begun.

Fast forward to 4 years later. I live in Taipei, Taiwan. I continue to freelance, I teach, part-time, and have been lucky enough to meet interesting, like minded people from a variety of related industries.

People just like you and me.

Playing, trying, figuring it out.

One puzzle piece at a time.